Health Maintenance Services

Health Maintenance ServicesInternal Medicine

At Austin Veterinary Center, we are knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating complex internal medicine cases such as kidney, heart, respiratory, immune-mediated diseases and endocrine diseases.

By investing in the latest advanced diagnostic technology, we can identify any issue your pet may be experiencing.


The diagnosis of cancer is stressful for all pet owners, and the prospect of chemotherapy treatments can be equally as difficult to face. However, the fear that your beloved pet will spend his or her final days sick from chemotherapy treatments is unwarranted. Pets respond much differently to chemotherapy than do humans.

We treat pets with many types of cancer that can involve surgical removal of tumors as well as palliative amputations. Any follow up chemotherapy or radiation warrants referral to a board certified specialist.

Nutrition Counseling

Dr. Harris and his team offer prescription diets and nutrition counseling as needed during office visits.

Why is this important? Pets are living longer, healthier lives than ever before and a big part of that is due to our expanded knowledge of the importance of proper nutrition to overall health. In fact, nutrition is the biggest health variable controlled by a pet's caregiver.

During your pet's comprehensive physical examination, we evaluate his or her body condition and give recommendations based on what we see.

Prescription Diets

Some pets have more serious nutritional challenges or chronic conditions that can benefit from a special diet. If we identify an issue in your pet, we offer advice and provide information about diets that benefit specific medical conditions such as liver and intestinal disease, bladder and kidney stones, renal failure, food allergies, diabetes and other conditions.

We carry a diverse inventory of prescription foods. If your pet requires a prescription diet we do not carry, we may be able to order it for you.

Health Maintenance ServicesBehavior Consultation

Behavioral problems exist for up to 40 percent of all household pets. These issues are the primary reason why pets are either sent to shelters or even euthanized. The good news is that behavioral problems can be improved with therapy. Using humane training methods and techniques, it is possible to not only save a life but enhance your pet’s relationship with you.

We not only offer behavioral counseling, we can also make referrals to those who specialize in behavior modification. We also offer phone consultations.

Phone Consultations

The ideal situation is for you and your pet to visit us where we can make a thorough examination of your pet and discuss all of the important issues you’re facing. We know that this may not always be possible and to address this need we offer telephone consultations.

Phone consultations with a member of our team at Austin Veterinary Center are for general information. If you would like to discuss your pet's condition and receive specific advice, then a telephone consultation may not be appropriate. Telephone consults typically last less than 30 minutes.

Please be aware that we generally cannot prescribe any medication based solely on a telephone consult.

Puppy & Kitten Classes

Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home is always something to celebrate. They add energy and fun and are a source of unceasing affection as they bond with you and your family.

Your first visits with your new puppy or kitten at Austin Veterinary Center are perhaps the most important. These initial visits are where you, Dr. Harris and your pet first meet and begin to form the relationship that lasts throughout the life of your pet. Some of the issues discussed during your first visits include:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Housetraining
  • Behavior issues
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Formulation of individualized vaccine protocol
  • Pet health insurance
  • Microchipping
  • Parasite prevention

A complete physical exam includes detection of potential congenital problems and covers any topic you'd like to discuss. This is your new pet and we know you have many questions.

Health Maintenance ServicesSpecial Care for Senior Pets

We offer senior and geriatric care for pets six years of age and older. Some of our regular screening tests for senior pets include blood work, urinalysis, blood pressure measurement, chest x-rays, glaucoma testing and abdominal ultrasound. We offer pain palliation and counseling for geriatric arthritis disorders. By taking the time to learn more about the special needs of your senior pet, you've taken the first step toward providing the best care for your friend's golden years.

The aging process can be slowed and managed through proper medical care thereby offering your beloved pet an extended period of vitality and good health. Additionally, preventive care tailored to your pet's age, lifestyle, risk factors and other elements can help prevent common diseases and help detect them at early and easily treatable stages.

Allergy and Dermatology Check

If left untreated, allergy-related conditions can fester and become serious health concerns for your pet.

Therefore it is important to be able to identify the first signs and symptoms of allergies and dermatological conditions. These include:

  • Inflamed ears
  • Hotspots, especially those that recur
  • Scratching or rubbing the eyes or mouth area
  • Flaking
  • Lesions on the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Red itchy bumps on the skin
  • Asthma-like wheezing or respiratory issues

All of these can indicate a serious dermatological or allergic reaction to allergens such as fleas, pollen, dust and various foods. If you notice any of these issues, it is important that you bring your pet in for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Dr. Harris and his team always take the time to explain your pet's condition, how to prevent future occurrences and the proper method of home treatment.

Pure Breed Disease Awareness Counseling

All breeds of dogs have genetic susceptibilities to particular medical and behavioral problems, and it’s estimated that as much as 40 percent of purebred dogs have specific genetic defects that will probably affect their health at one time or another. Many purebred cats have genetic issues as well. Some diseases are common and can be easily diagnosed; others not so.

We try to make sure that all of our owners of an at-risk breed knows about the diseases and problems that could affect their dog or cat and the testing that is currently available.

Genetic testing is especially important if you are thinking about purchasing a purebred dog or cat or breeding purebred or mixed breed pets. It is the responsibility of anyone who breeds animals to do so carefully and with a good understanding of the genetic risks for their breed or breeds.

IV Therapy

Hospitalized animal patients often require intravenous (IV) therapy with fluids and electrolytes after becoming dehydrated due to illness or accidents, which we can provide if recommended for your pet. IV therapy is also helpful in administering antibiotics to your pet in a safe and effective manner.

Referral Services

Austin has a powerful network of "Specialists" in every Board Certified area of veterinary medicine and surgery. Dr. Harris will refer any and all cases, after dialogue with you, if this is a necessary strategy for your pet's health. Some pet health issues are complicated and obscure and need the input from more than a general practice veterinarian. When referral services are needed, many times the specialist can perform them here at Austin Veterinary Center as a morning drop-off appointment and your pet may go home that same afternoon.